Welcome to 6Vowels Consulting Services website. We are a Toronto area consulting company focussed on helping customers maximise the usage of their existing computer systems as well as assisting in the implementation of new systems when growth demands it..

Improving Existing Systems:

Are your systems slow and frustrating to use?  Are your resources constantly overworked?  Do you spend too much time trying to get accurate reliable data out of your system?
At 6Vowels we can help you improve the efficiencies and extend the useful life of your existing systems.

At 6Vowels our goal is to provide services to make your business systems and processes more efficient, reliable, and secure so that your company can ultimately be more successful.

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New Systems:

Has your business outgrown your current systems? Are you looking at getting new systems? An ERP purchase is one of the single largest system decisions a company makes. With 20+ years of experience with ERP systems 6Vowels can guide you through software selection and assist with implementation, customisation and integration to avoid the pitfalls and ensure your success.

The 6 Vowels:

In school we were taught the vowels are A – E – I – O – U and sometimes Y. At 6Vowels we prefer always Y where Y stands for Your Business. Everything we do is with the goal of improving your business.

A – Automate

Automation is vital to an organization.  It allows you to free up your most valuable resources (employees) from monotonous and repetitive tasks, while at the same time improving the accuracy of these same tasks.

E – Enhance

Enhancements to an ERP system can be a double edged sword and must be approached with care and caution. At 6Vowels we help you determine which enhancements are beneficial.

I – Integrate

Integration between your systems is vital to data accuracy and overall efficiency. While many companies today run fully integrated ERP systems, there are still often additional operational/legacy systems in use.

O – Optimise

Small design issues can make an otherwise good solution awkward and frustrating. These issues may not be apparent during the early use of a system, but over time they will bloom and possibly get worse quickly.

U – Upgrade

Technology continues to evolve. Running older versions of ERP, Operating Systems, Database Servers, Office Productivity tools or even Web Browsers can create security concerns and also effect performance.

Y – Your Business

The success, growth and security of your business should be at the core of any system decisions. At 6Vowels we will help you make the proper decisions so that your business systems run efficiently and smoothly